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Health Policy Institute > Center on an Aging Society

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About the Center

The Center on an Aging Society at Georgetown University is a Washington-based, non-partisan public policy institute that fosters critical thinking about the implications of an aging society. The Center studies the impact of demographic changes on public and private institutions and families of all ages. To encourage innovative and responsible thinking, the Center conducts and synthesizes research on a broad range of topics related to income and health security and conveys the findings to policy makers. Thus, the Center serves as a source of information on issues often associated with the Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid programs. Particular topics that have been the focus of Center projects also include labor market changes, employer-provided health and pension benefits, the health care market, health literacy, and access to health and long-term care.

The Center conveys information to the media, business leaders, members of Congress and their staff, and to other public policy analysts using a variety of formats including:

  • Business and community discussion groups
  • Conferences and briefings
  • Reports, fact sheets, and policy briefs

New and Notable

The fourth Data Profile (August 2005) in the series Family Caregivers of Older Persons is now available: Caregiving and Paid Work: Are there trade-offs?(HTML or PDF ).

Demography Is Not Destiny, Revisited, by Robert B. Friedland and Laura Summer; supported by The Commonwealth Fund (March 2005), (PDF).

Choosing a Long-Term Care Insurance Policy: Understanding and Improving the Process, by Robert B. Friedland and Stephanie Lewis (October 2004), a part in a series of papers in the Retirement Security Project supported by The Pew Charitable Trusts. (HTML or PDF).

Get information on the Georgetown University Long-Term Care Financing Project. The Center is an active part of this new and important project!

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