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Understanding Changes in Prescription Drug Coverage for People with Disabilities on Medicare

Prescription Drugs and Medicare Part D

(See also Medicare Part D Research Project)

Health Savings Accounts

Youth Substance Use/Mental Health Disorders Treatment and Recovery

Medicare, Medicaid, and CHIP

(See also Long-Term Care or Florida Medicaid)

Consumer Protections

  • Katie Keith, Kevin W. Lucia, and Sabrina Corlette, “Implementing the Affordable Care Act: State Action on Early Market Reforms,” The Commonwealth Fund, March, 2012
  • Sabrina Corlette and Janet Lundy, “Rate Review: Spotlight on State Efforts to Make Health Insurance More Affordable,” Kaiser Family Foundation, December 2010..
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  • Mila Kofman, “Health Insurance Scams Promoted Through Associations: A Primer” (PDF) The Insurance Receiver 11(3), Sept. 2002.
  • Jeffrey S. Crowley and Stephanie Lewis, “Pieces of the Puzzle. Implementing the Report to Congress on Safeguards for People with Special Health Care Needs in Medicaid Managed Care: A Comparison of Withdrawn Clinton Administration Regulations with the Bush Administration’s Proposed Rule.” Prepared for the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, October 2001.
  • Stephanie Lewis, “A Guide to the Federal Patients’ Bill of Rights Debate.” (PDF) Prepared for the Henry J.Kaiser Family Foundation, August 2001.
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External Review

  • Karen Pollitz, Jeff Crowley, Kevin Lucia, Eliza
    Bangit, “Assessing State External Review Programs and the Effects of Pending Federal Patients’ Rights Legislation,” (PDF) Report to the Kaiser Family Foundation, March 2002.
  • Geraldine Dallek and Karen Pollitz, “External Review of Health Plan Decisions: An Update .” (PDF) The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, May 2000.
  • Karen Pollitz, Geraldine Dallek, and Nicole Tapay, “External Review of Health Plan Decisions in the States and Medicare .” (PDF) The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, November 1998.

Health Insurance Expansion and the Uninsured

Hospitals and the Safety Net

  • Paul Offner, “Politics and the Public Hospital in Our Capital” (forthcoming), Health Affairs, July-August, 2001.
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  • James Reuter and Darrell Gaskin, “What’s Happening to the Safety Net: Academic Health Centers in a Competitive Market”, Health Affairs 16(4):242-252.

Long-Term Care

(See also: Georgetown University Long-Term Care Financing Project)

  • Harriet L. Komisar and Judy Feder, Transforming Care for Medicare Beneficiaries with Chronic Conditions and Long-Term Care Needs: Coordinating Care Across All Services. Long Beach, CA: The SCAN Foundation, October 2011.
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Managed Care

  • Darrell Gaskin, “Access to Health Care in a Managed Care Environment”, Joint Center Report on Health Policy, (Washington DC: Joint Center of Political and Economic Studies), Winter 1999/2000.
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Medical Privacy

Private Insurance Market and Regulation

Health and Aging


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